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BARTENDING 101, here i come!

So...i just wrote this long journal entry, submitted it, and was greeted with the lovely page that says the pc can't detect network settings. so all my words were lost, but i won't let that kill my mood, because I am excited about bartending 101!...mostly because of the people that i'm taking the class left. We have the lovely Tridelta girls: Evie, Ali, Megan and Diana and my disi-pal Garette. It's going to be out of control. I can't wait! Apparently we get to taste everything we make too. I'll finally know the names of drinks and how to make them. YAY!!

Busy,busy week for the first week after spring break. Apparently I'm a little overcommitted as far as the extracurriculars are concerned. I love belly dancing don't get me wrong, but I just didn't know I'd be doing so much of it this week,haha. I found out that I'm in at least 12 dances in the show at Colonial Friday, plus we are guest performing at the BAC show and in addition to that I'm belly dancing in a sr. thesis production. Hmm..yeah...really should start that JP sometime.

Another exciting event! My friend from high school is coming here to visit for the first time tomorrow. i can't wait to show her around.Ít's going to be so much fun...and hopefully another exciting thing will happen saturday, but i won't mention it yet because I always seem to jinx myself.
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