kimangelw82 (kimangelw82) wrote,

California here we come...

It's been forever since I've written in livejournal. I'm a little sad that no one adds comments to any of my entries:(. *sniff sniff*. Anyhow... I leave for CA in a few days. My mom and grandma have decided to come with me, since I technically don't have a place to stay until sunday. We're all going to stay in Long Beach. I've never been to California at all, so i'm a little scared and stremely excited. For the remainder of the summer, I'll be staying in a frat house,hehe. That should be interesting. I'm working at a couple of production companies and hopefully going to find a job since both internships are non-paid. Maybe bartending 101 will pay off.

I do miss Princeton already. This year was the first year that I stayed for reunions. Although I was working the whole time, it was a lot of fun and I definitely needed the money. Reunions was like a huge party every night under a tent with tons of beer. I think everyone was pretty much trashed each night,haha. I got to play a role in making the class of '53 get a 'lil drunk, as I was their bartender and they kept ordering straight liquor. I served Prof. Nash a diet coke on my last day of work at the grad. college. I was the only that had recognized him...but that's b/c I recently  had watched A Beautiful Mind and they had showed an interview with him at the end of the movie.

What else? ...My grandma fell down last week and we went to the hospital to see her. Luckily, nothing was broken or fractured and she was just a little bit sore the next day. Thank God. My cousin was suggesting that we put her in assisted living, but my mom, uncle and I are against that. As my mom told my cousin, in mexican culture we just don't do that. My grandma would rather just die than go into assisted living or a nursing home.

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