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My very first entry very first entry on livejournal and I have Evie to thank for that:) I'm excited and I think I'm a little bit crazy for being on here right now at the beginning of midterm week, when I have so much work to do. So you've already learned something about me, I'm a major procrastinator! I have a cognitive neuroscience midterm on wednesday (Evie feels my pain) and I've only read maybe 2 chapters in the book. Not to mention the book I have to read for tomorrow that I haven't started, but enough complaining. If I'm on here, i'm gonna have some fun.
Have you ever seen the OC? I love that show and it's my current favorite! I just got finished watching last weeks episode a few hours ago. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.
Hmmm. So this past week was very exciting for me. I had 4 shows with Raks Odalisque, the belly dancing troupe here at my school. I absolutely love it...and i miss it already. Rehearsals for other events will begin soon after spring break though.
Speaking of spring break...I'm probably just going to stay around here or head home and hang out with friends. It would be fun to go into the city as well...I love NY<3
Alright...that's enough for me...for now. But i'll be back i'm sure...when i'm in need of more procrastinating!
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