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Things are lookin' up:)

It's nice to have a little time to relax now. Evie and I were up late last night studying in the Delta study room and laughing about top-down processes, versus those darn Mac AIM bubbles which activate bottom-up I'm mostly done midterms now. I have one lab test for psy259, but Evie said it wasn't bad. Finals will be a lot crazier, as I'll have lots of lengthy papers due.
So i finally switched Psy advisors! Thank goodness. I really wanted to switch advisors because there was no room in my previous advisor's neuro lab for me. I'm really excited about working with Prof. O. He's new and he's nice and very helpful ...and excited about doing an fMRI experiments. This actually might be fun....hah. Too bad I just realized that it's due in like a month and I'm just getting started.
As far as spring break goes...I'm hoping that my roomie and I will pull another last minute vacation like intersession, but I don't think it's gonna happen. I'll be around most likely.I'm going to scan some of the pics from Vegas soon though. They're pretty funny.

NAP TIME......and then laundry time/cleaning.

Darn it...i just remembered I have a prob set due Friday................
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