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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!!!

Kiss me, I'm part Irish.x00x. I just got back from the mall with my niece. I bough a cute green care bears shirt from Gadzooks. I <3 it! I actually celebrated St. Patty's day on saturday, because in my state, we have the St. Patty's loop, which includes a bunch of bars and a shuttle that takes us between each of the bars. It was so much fun. I went out with my boyfriend and his brother and her girlfriend and a couple other friends. I got to shake my booty on the dance floor a little bit, so I was content. No green beer though...maybe i'll make up for that tonight;)
I can't believe this weather. I really think I need to move to CA after Princeton. I can't wait til' it's warm enough to hit the beach. This gloomy weather just makes me sleepy and unproductive,heh.
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